Improve Your Customer Service Through Social Media

You’ve set up a social media strategy for your business to showcase your abilities, target your desired audience and bring in new customers, but now that you have those new prospects do you know what to do with them? Your strategy can’t just stop once you have gained the audience you want, now you need to work to keep them and customer service will play a big role in that. Here are some ways to improve your customer service through social media.

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Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram Stories

We already know social media is a huge part of business in 2019, but there are additional ways to utilize each platform to their full extent that you may not be doing. One of the newest trends and best ways to boost engagement is Instagram Stories. We’ll breakdown exactly how to use it effectively for your business and why it needs to become part of your marketing strategy.

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Tips For Creating A Social Media Strategy


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Recipe for Social Media Marketing Success

Recipe Courtesy of Balance Marketing Group

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Importance of Online Reviews for Social Media Transparency

On August 23, 2018

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