Improve Your Customer Service Through Social Media

You’ve set up a social media strategy for your business to showcase your abilities, target your desired audience and bring in new customers, but now that you have those new prospects do you know what to do with them? Your strategy can’t just stop once you have gained the audience you want, now you need to work to keep them and customer service will play a big role in that. Here are some ways to improve your customer service through social media.

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Back to School Advertising

In a world full of advertising clutter, marketers need to create striking social media campaigns that will make lasting impressions on consumers. The end of July and the beginning of August mark the beginning of back-to-school shopping. On average, $828 billion is spent annually each year on back to school supplies. That billion-dollar number is music to the ears of many advertisers.

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Facebook Introduces "Watch" for New Video Content


Facebook continues to grow and transform with each passing year.  Adding onto their already successful platform, Facebook introduces "Watch," a new video hub that has been in the works for the last few months.  It will appear as a tab in the mobile app and desktop version as well.   "Watch" would showcase new shows from different publishers and networks, such as A&E, Mashable, National Basketball Association, National Geographic, along with others. 

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