To Be Or Not To Be

A common problem for us as people, artists, businesses, and brands is to truly understand and define who and what we are striving to be. The truly successful have always been able to clearly define their identity.

Most brands failures lie within dismissing or not fulfilling this important step of discovery before assembling a marketing and sales strategy.

The goal is to find your most profitable opportunities, target those who desire your products and services, and clearly communicate your point of difference. In today’s ever changing world, it’s easy to lose focus. But remember, the consumer is smarter than you think.

I remember BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” campaign that was launched in 2001. The campaign focused on their then new “GREEN” logo, and BP’s development of alternative energy. They defined themselves as champions of the environment.

Seems funny now. The fallout from the disastrous oil spill only compounded the fact that BP tried for many years to identify themselves as a company with deep concerns about the environment. Most times ignoring that they clearly are in the business of drilling, refining, and selling petroleum products – with a long record of environmental and safety issues.

This is not to say to ignore change. But quarterly every business should spend time clearly defining why they have been successful, what their customers expect from them, and develop a clear a strategy that is in-line with their identity.

We can’t be all things, to all people. Be the one that makes the most sense for you and your customers.

On February 12, 2014

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