Seven Ways Data Driven Marketing Can Increase Your Sales


The most successful marketers define their customers wants and needs and clearly craft a message on how they can satiate these demands.  In 2016, data is the key to making this process more accurate and effective and help you increase sales. 

Data driven marketing can increase customer loyalty, sales, referrals and create brand ambassadors.  Here are 7 ways Data Driven Marketing Can Increase Your Sales.

  1. Controlled Marketing Budgets

Using data to drive your marketing allows you to stay in control of budget and targeting.  Data allows you to identify what is working and shift budget to that which is delivering returns.  It also allows you to test new sources and scale once it has proven to be profitable. 

  1. Let User Experience Dictate Marketing Efforts

Your website is a treasure trove of actionable information when it comes to marketing to new consumers.  What are prospects and customers doing when they land on your site from an ad?  Heat Maps allow you to see in real time what visitors are doing and where the experience can be improved to increase conversions and sales.

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  1. Create Better Buyer Personas

The foundation of any marketing plan is to create a Buyer Persona for the products and services that your company sells.  User profile data is the core information that should be used to build accurate personas.  Using data points will allow you to accurately define who your current and potential customers are and their behaviors.  This can be used to create custom audiences when it comes to digital marketing.

  1. Be Where Your Audience Is

The most rudimentary way data driven marketing can be used to drive sales is to find out where your audience is.  Where do they live?  What social channels do they spend their time with?  What sites are they visiting in addition to your site?  Once you capture this data you can use it to build a more targeted marketing plan.

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  1. Use A/B Testing to Make Sure Your Content is Resonating

Data can help take the guesswork out of marketing.  With real data, we can easily see what works and what doesn’t.  A/B testing your content in ads can help simplify the process of figuring out exactly what your prospects and customers are looking for and accelerates the optimization process. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can determine what is working and what is not.  The key though in getting Data Driven Marketing To Increase Sales is to never stop testing. 

  1. Remarket To Your Audience to Boost Sales

Let’s face it.  No matter the strength of your ad or site, not all of your visitors convert into sales.  Abandoned shopping carts, unfinished research all still represent potential for profit.  Remarketing is the solution.  Remarketing is the process of adding a cookie or pixel to your prospects browser so when they leave your site without completing a sale – your message can still follow them to drive them back to convert.   Plus, Google Tag Manager allows us to not only segment our message to those who visited your site, but you can deliver certain ads based off behavior performed or not performed on your site.

  1. Predict Future Sales

Once you institute Data Driven Marketing in your sales process, you’ll be able to create predictive modeling to forecast future ad campaigns and projected sales.  Segmenting your audience is an effective way to use data to target the right people at the right time.  Customer Churn Modeling, for example, allows marketers to predict customer churn based on the fall of other metrics and intercept those customers before they leave your brand.

Data driven marketing puts the power of predicting the future and increasing your ROI on every dollar spent.  To learn more about how you can employ data into your marketing plan, fill out the form below for a free consultation.


Bill Snyder is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Balance Marketing Group, an integrated marketing company based in Berwyn, PA.  Bill holds numerous certifications in digital marketing from industry leaders like Google, Microsoft and  


On November 22, 2016