Online Video Marketing's Next Frontier - The Living Room


When I say Online Video Marketing, most think of the mobile phone.  But there is a migration of viewership many have not predicted or may even be noticing.  The proliferation of the smart television in most living rooms has splintered digital content producers platforms away from the mobile device and on to television screens across America.

In 2016, YouTube viewership on TV screens grew 90% compared to 2015, according to YouTube.  In 2017, YouTube expects viewership on TV screens to rise another 90%.  This trend has opened the door to YouTube's 1.5 Billion viewers to channel surf on their TVs like its 1989 again.

Content producers are building and optimizing apps to dominate the territory that every marketing professional has aimed to control from GE to Steve Jobs - the Living Room.  Netflix, Amazon and Facebook continue to refine their living room user interfaces - but the emergence of increased YouTube living room viewership gives online marketers another entry point back into the living room.

Mobile still accounts for over 60% of all YouTube viewing, but OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming market is offering increased viewership opportunities in the future.  So much so that other mobile first players like Facebook are spending billions of dollars this year in developing TV-life offerings.


On August 08, 2017

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