Integrating Customer Service  in Managing Your Online Reputation

For many people, the internet appears to be a great place to vent about a bad experience in hopes to warn others or discover some sort of solution.  In order to prevent unhappy customers from posting about your company or service again, you must first solve their problem. Here are some ways to integrate customer service methods in managing your online reputation: 

1. Never ignore a bad review.

The worst thing you can do is ignore or delete someone's negative comment or reveiw.  The best thing to do is respond, try to offer some sort of solution, and ultimately make the customer happy. 

2. Always reply publicly to bad reviews

Replying publicly to a bad review shows your other customers that you are handling a problem and not just pretending it's not there. That way, other people can see your efforts. 

3. Take the problem elsewhere- offer to speak privately to unhappy clients. 

Taking the conversation to email or messenger creates a more personal conversation, making it easier to get to the root of the problem. 

4. Be flexible. 

Remember, the client is unhappy for a reason. Be open to finding a solution that works for the client and your company.