Improving Your SEM Campaign in 6 Steps

SEM is an extremely effective way to help grow your brand’s awareness and visibility. The problem is not many people know how to effectively handle their digital campaigns. These six simple steps can help you improve your campaigns and get you to see results.

1. Assess the current situation.

There is never one reason why your campaign isn’t working. There is usually a multitude of reasons. Before you can change anything, try to figure out what you should change. You might be targeting the wrong areas or the wrong demographic. You might have a poor keyword list. You never know what the reason is until you investigate.

2. Expand your keyword list, then monitor and edit.

If your campaign isn’t doing as well as you would have liked, your keywords are a great place to start. By expanding your keyword list, you can see a wider view of what works and what doesn’t. You might be able to determine a single word that is not delivering results and to remove that word from the keywords that contain it. Once some time has been devoted to your expanded keyword list, you can also determine which ones to discontinue altogether. Not every keyword will deliver conversions, and having too many keywords can leave you spending money on uninterested consumers.

3. Practice your writing

Providing content that will convince the consumer to click your ad is not easy. It takes practice to find the right combination of words that works. Ad copy can easily get too lengthy to be effective, but it could also be too short to get the intended message across. Finding the medium takes practice. Find what works for your audience.

4. Track your campaigns

There is no reason to do an SEM campaign if you are not tracking how it does. Being able to see accurate performance numbers will allow you to fix what’s not working, and develop what is. Track everything. Track your clicks, your impressions, your bounce rate, and your conversions. If there is a bad trend, you want to catch it and see why. If there is a good trend, you’ll want to see what’s working and ride that wave as long as you can.

5. Educate yourself on industry trends and new practices

Staying on top of industry trends is a great way to learn how to implement practices or techniques you never knew about. With a number of websites publishing blogs on SEM and Google campaigns, there is never a shortage of information out there. Learning about new practices can help you improve campaigns that are already doing well, find out about your competition, and get the most out of the money you spend.

6. Repeat!

An SEM campaign is never perfect. There will always be keywords that work now but won’t in six months. There will also be keywords that will need to be added as your campaign, and company, grows. As long as you’re monitoring your campaigns, tracking them, and educating yourself on industry trends and new practices, your path to success should be a smooth one. The digital world can be unpredictable. Stay on top of your progress, and stay active in the campaign.


On September 08, 2015

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