Importance of Online Reviews for Social Media Transparency

Picture1-1Brand reputation management is a crucial component to enable a business to grow and prosper. One of the keys to a positive reputation is to be transparent on social media. Transparency in online marketing gives businesses the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with their consumers. According to a new report done by social media management platform Sprout Social, 53% of consumers admitted to being more likely to buy from brands that were transparent on social media, while 86% said an absence of transparency would drive them to a competitor.

In this digital age, online reputations can make or break a company’s sales. Companies that put consumers first usually have a better chance at gaining brand-loyal consumers. As of last year, a Bright Local survey found that 73% of consumers trust a local business more after reading positive reviews. Review Trackers found that Google is the leading platform for reviews, with 6 in 10 consumers or 63.6% saying they are likely to search online Google reviews before visiting any business. Statistics show that communicating with consumers by responding to online reviews on social media gives a company more of an opportunity to be successful and stay relevant.

Question: How can a business become more transparent on social media?

Goal: The main goal is to build trust, so make sure that is the main focus of any action.


  • The first of many tips for transparency is to create an online community that encourages an open and honest dialogue. Make it easy for customers to contact you and acquire the information they are seeking. Use Facebook Business messenger and Chat boxes on your website.
  • Allow consumers to easily find the company values, products, and specialties. Simply list information on your website. Don’t be deceptive. Make sure your website is easy to navigate so customers do not get discouraged and leave.
  • Monitor and maintain online reviews, both positive and negative, on all social media platforms. Some customers will tell you how positive their experience was, but many will tell you about how their negative experience with your business. Your social media response rate is of utmost importance for your brand’s reputation. Replying within one business day or within a few hours is recommended.

Be sure to follow these tips, as social media transparency is the wave of the future in digital marketing.

On August 23, 2018

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