How to Make Your Social Media Presence a Success

There is no way to avoid social media – it’s everywhere. And because it’s everywhere, most people young and old know the ins and outs of every social media site. However, there are different rules for social media sites dedicated to your business, brand or product than to a social account for your personal pleasure. So, here’s a refresher on how to make your company’s social media presence a success.

Social media has become a term used to encompass a wide array of sites, from the traditional – Facebook and Twitter, to the newer sites like Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. These sites can do so much for a business, but they can also be dangerous if not used correctly. While it is great to have an active social presence, it is another thing to go overboard by using every single social media website available. The first key to a successful social media campaign is to pick and choose what social sites your company will be present on, and be present on successfully.

The way to decide this is by seeing what your audience wants from your brand. Do they want videos? Then Instagram is best for you. Do they want one liner information or promos? Then Twitter and Facebook will work well. Maybe your customers want lots of information from you regularly, and in that case, a blog would be a great forum. Whatever site or sites you choose to use, keep in mind a few things that will ensure your social presence is successful:

1. You signed up for that social media site – so use it! Don’t start an account one week and actively post for a month and then forget about it. If you are going to start an account, make sure you will be actively posting on it.

2. Customize your interactions to your audiences’ specific needs and desires. Have coupons proven to get the most likes or views? Has new information on your product gained the most viewership? Whatever content seems to be working the best is what you should stick to when posting content to your site.

3. But, be sure to keep the content unique and interesting. Just because you may be sticking to only posting new info on your product, doesn’t mean you should post the same information every time. Find new ways to present this information so your viewers don’t lose interest.

4. Do some up-front planning before you start your sites. What is your target audience? What content will you be posting? Who will be posting the content and how often? A game plan will ensure your success when it comes to social media.

5. Finally, and maybe most importantly, remember that social media sites are two way streets. It isn’t just about you posting information and hoping someone will read it. Take the time to answer any questions, concerns and comments –this shows that you not only care about your brand, but you care about the people who are helping to make your brand a success.

On June 28, 2013

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