How Do You Create Engaging Marketing? Have Your Customers Do It.


Jim Farley, group VP-global marketing at Ford Motor Co., spoke to attendees at Advertising Age’s Digital Conference this past week. He spoke about the recent economic shift, and how it actually was the best thing for automotive marketing. It forced his industry to reexamine what they were doing on a daily basis, as opposed to flying on autopilot.

We’ve heard this more and more these days, from all industries. But the most insightful thing he spoke about was about how Social Media taught Ford about engaging customers. Even as society moves forward at lightning speed, the basic fundamentals of marketing keep true.

Ask any business owner what the best form of marketing is for their business and the answer is a no brainer, word-of-mouth. Since the dawn of time, no one can dispute this fact. Think about organized religion, would any of them be in existence if not for word of mouth? As our world moves faster, and becomes smaller, the opportunities to have our customers speak for us only grow.

Ford successfully has implemented this strategy, not only with Social Media and digital, but also in their broadcast strategy. “I can tell a story in 15 seconds now on TV, but I want customers to tell our story,” Mr. Farley said. “That’s what digital has shown us: how to earn credibility among consumers.”

No matter what your message is, people need to be engaged for it to make an impact. Your existing customers have already allowed your brand into their world; Sharing their experiences is the most engaging way to make an impact with those who have yet not.

On October 20, 2013

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