Facebook Introduces "Watch" for New Video Content


Facebook continues to grow and transform with each passing year.  Adding onto their already successful platform, Facebook introduces "Watch," a new video hub that has been in the works for the last few months.  It will appear as a tab in the mobile app and desktop version as well.   "Watch" would showcase new shows from different publishers and networks, such as A&E, Mashable, National Basketball Association, National Geographic, along with others. 

Although Facebook has taken several strides toward its "Watch" shows, they also have some competition.  Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, the list goes on and on; what they all have in common is that they are targeting the same networks and publishers to develop their own interpretations of videos and shows.  Only time will tell if Facebook's "Watch" will be distinctive compared to these other platforms. 

From an advertising standpoint, Facebook has always been against pre-roll advertisements.  They have been testing out ad breaks in between videos to see if that makes the user's experience more enjoyable. With "Watch" in development, Facebook has been integrating ad breaks in videos to see how the public would adapt to them.  The success of ad breaks is still undetermined, but Facebook plans on using this method of advertising for their new video feature.  Has Facebook succeeded in making advertisements more tolerable with ad breaks?  Stay tuned, folks!