Does Outbound Marketing Stand A Chance?

Signs of some of the different types of Outbound Marketing

The short answer is YES.  There is much contemplation in the marketing and advertising industries trying to determine whether this is the end for Outbound Marketing.  Despite the rumors, a recent survey says that the speculation is largely overrated and that businesses should not be so quick to retire this trusted strategy.

84 percent of smaller businesses said that inbound and outbound tactics together drive the business.  For this study’s participants, inbound and outbound tactics are generating almost equal amounts of leads.¹  Over half of the study’s participants say they will increase their investment in inbound tactics over the next 12 months.  Just over one-third plan to increase their outbound tactics investment over the same period.  

There are two basic types of marketingInbound and Outbound. The focus of each is different and they involve different strategies and techniques.

Trade Shows, TV commercials, radio commercials, print advertisements (newspaper ads, magazine ads, flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc.), cold calls, and email blasts...all of which is considered Outbound Marketing...can be extremely effective.  

The main purpose of Outbound Marketing is to draw in customers and make them aware of a product, service or even a brand's name.  A great number of creative professionals keep Outbound Marketing Strategies listed on their modern resume, despite many individuals doubting the effectiveness of this strategy.  

Knowing people do not consume media nor research anything like we did ten years ago, here are some facts to know...

Advantages of Outbound Marketing:

  • Quick ROI - you are more likely to get faster results
  • Low ongoing creative costs and time
  • Ability to reach 60-70% of your target market, according to
  • Direct leads to landing pages of your choice
  • For businesses targeting an older demographic, it is especially important to use outbound marketing techniques and media since they are non-threatening and more trusted.

How to use Outbound Marketing:

  • Exploit your expertise...your niche.
  • Select the most compelling marketing medium that matches your audience demographics.
  • Brand your outbound marketing uniquely and creatively.
  • Synchronize your in-house operations and your direct marketing activities.

Outbound Marketing Tactics in Use…


Technology has advanced and marketing strategies and tactics have also evolved to keep up with it.  Deciding between Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing shouldn’t be an all or nothing prospect anyway.   For other digital strategies, click here...

Inbound Marketing must become a part of a dynamic marketing plan for any business. Clients expect it, want it and will seek out businesses that have it. However, Outbound Marketing will continue to have a place at the table as well.

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Source: Demand Metric and Act-On Software Study - Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Benchmark Study Report -   Q2 2016