Do Broadcasters Understand What Advertisers Want?

CBS Corp CEO Les Moonves’s appearance at the Annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference was exclaimed by the broadcaster’s claim that his industry will push for more relaxed timelines when charging advertisers for impressions. The industry standard right now is C3 or live viewing plus 3 days to calculate viewership. CBS has led the push for the last year to move to C7 (Live viewing plus 7 days) and apparently wants to push the envelope even further.

“When 85% of advertising at the network is not time sensitive, what’s the difference if you watch it in five or six days from now versus three days from now? If you are advertising Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, what the heck is the difference if you watch it tonight live or 21 days from now?” said Moonves.

Some might say that the broadcaster’s comments only highlight his industry’s misunderstanding about what advertisers are looking for as we move further into a new paradigm of how people consume media and content.

National and local TV advertisers are not interested in extending opportunities for broadcasters to monetize their products. They are interested in new targeting capabilities like addressability and interactive messaging - both of which should produce real-time ROI metrics.

The broadcasters who understand and deliver what their viewers and advertising partners are asking for will successfully migrate into a 21st century business model. Or maybe, just maybe, deliver what they want but have not yet been able to articulate.

On December 11, 2013

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