Back to School Advertising

Back_to_school_5-1200x521In a world full of advertising clutter, marketers need to create striking social media campaigns that will make lasting impressions on consumers. The end of July and the beginning of August mark the beginning of back-to-school shopping. On average, $828 billion is spent annually each year on back to school supplies. That billion-dollar number is music to the ears of many advertisers.

In order to stay in the forefront of consumers’ minds, agencies must keep a few things in mind. Although e-commerce is rapidly growing, consumers still buy the majority of their goods from local retail stores. Shoppers do, however, find most of their coupons online from mobile coupon apps, websites, and social media. Strike Social also found that 3 in 5 back-to-school searches occurred on a mobile device in 2016. Shopping mobile seems to be more popular during the summer since people are constantly travelling and spending time outside. Optimizing your campaign for mobile is essential for success.

Another important advertising tip to note is that agencies must be mindful of the products and audiences that are being targeted. School supplies, electronics, apparel and accessories are the most popular items to focus on during back-to-school season. Advertisers should target parents accordingly considering 29% shop after work between 5 and midnight during the week, according to Strike Social. This information should get advertisers on the right track to having a successful advertising campaign this back-to-school season.