7 Ways to Increase Web Traffic and Conversions with SEO



Spending time on your site’s SEO optimization is always time well spent. Search Engine Optimization may change and evolve, but it will still be one of the most effective online marketing strategies that businesses can implement to achieve their goals such as generating more relevant traffic, attracting potential customers, increasing sales, and maintaining customer loyalty. Below are 7 ways to increase web traffic and conversions with SEO.

  1.  Focus on the Long Tail Keywords

It is better to write more quality articles on very specific keywords than to go after the ones with more search traffic. A great benefit of focusing on long-tail key terms is that they usually have a higher conversion rate.  The simple rule is that you need to optimize your website using those keywords phrases that drive relevant traffic to your website.

  1.  Blog, Blog, Blog

If your content is lacking even the best SEO strategy won’t be able to help. Content is the fuel for your online marketing strategy.  The most important order of the day is high-quality content –content that’s well-written, informative, and relevant.  Remember, if you have horrible content, people won't bother reading it or sharing it, which is basically the entire point of building a company blog.  

  1.  Create Landing Pages

Creating SEO Landing Pages is great way of speaking to potential customers and enticing them into this first stage of the sales funnel. When a visitor comes to your site, they may not go to your homepage. Instead, the search engine may send them directly to a page within your site that is more specific to their search.  The topic can be based on a particular product or service, focused on a geographical area or answer a specific question.  For instance, a Realtor would find it helpful to create SEO Landing Pages for each of the specific areas they serve within a greater metropolis.

  1.  Maximize your strengths and fix your weaknesses

Capitalizing your SEO strength can boost your traffic and conversion. Fixing your SEO weaknesses can increase your search rankings further. Using basic tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords Keyword Planner will help you identify the pages and keywords that give you more traffic. Using Google Search Console, you can also diagnose errors on your site and fix them to conform with Google’s standards.

  1.  Integrate your SEO with other marketing strategies

SEO won’t be an effective digital marketing strategy alone. It has to be integrated with other online marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and paid online advertising. Your SEO has to be holistic and implemented to achieve your long-term goals.

  1.  Redesign your Website’s Navigation and Visuals

One of the biggest SEO killers is a website that’s difficult to navigate or slow to load. Studies show that 40 percent of visitors will click away if a website doesn’t load within three seconds. You should also make sure your website is easy to navigate, preventing your visitors from becoming discouraged and clicking away. This will help to keep your bounce rate low, which will help your website’s SEO. It’s also important to ensure that your website’s URLs, descriptions, headlines, meta descriptions, and images are all optimized for search engines and visitors.

  1.  Include High-Quality Links

Linking to other pages within your website or to other high-quality sites.  Keyword-embedded links are the foundation of off-page search engine optimization. The best part is that links can be free. Just ask vendors, partners, press, clients, your alma mater and any other credible source that you interact with to embed hyperlinked keywords back to your site for the terms that you are targeting. If the referring source has a high page rank, you should see a pop in your rankings in less than two months of them being published.


When it comes down to it, anyone can drive traffic to a website –but targeted traffic is what you’re really after.  Most SEO may get you ranking but Modern SEO is not about ranking, it, also, focuses on traffic and conversions.  For a FREE SEO Consultation, fill out the form below...  

On December 01, 2016

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