Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram Stories

We already know social media is a huge part of business in 2019, but there are additional ways to utilize each platform to their full extent that you may not be doing. One of the newest trends and best ways to boost engagement is Instagram Stories. We’ll breakdown exactly how to use it effectively for your business and why it needs to become part of your marketing strategy.

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Search Engine Optimization for Automotive Dealerships

Ranking on Google is a difficult task for any business, but for automotive dealerships it can be even more complex. Consumers beginning their process of car shopping do it almost completely online, and most looking to buy only visit 2 websites which makes ranking high even more critical. Below is a list of ways you can optimize your search results and increase your dealership’s placement:

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is a crucial part of almost every business, it helps your build your brand and audience, but mistakes in marketing can be detrimental. No one wants to put themselves or their business in a position to lose money, but some may not realize that the marketing mistakes they continue to make are costing them big. We put together a list of some of the most common marketing mistakes and how you can fix them.
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Tips For Creating A Social Media Strategy


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Last-Minute Black Friday Marketing Tips

On November 01, 2018

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On Black Friday in 2017, retailers in the United States earned a record-breaking $7.9 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. If you have not yet created a marketing plan for the biggest sales event of the year, you best get started! Here are some last-minute Black Friday marketing tips to help your brand stand out among the competition.

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