Facebook Introduces "Watch" for New Video Content


Facebook continues to grow and transform with each passing year.  Adding onto their already successful platform, Facebook introduces "Watch," a new video hub that has been in the works for the last few months.  It will appear as a tab in the mobile app and desktop version as well.   "Watch" would showcase new shows from different publishers and networks, such as A&E, Mashable, National Basketball Association, National Geographic, along with others. 

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Online Video Marketing's Next Frontier - The Living Room

On August 08, 2017

/ Video Marketing /

When I say Online Video Marketing, most think of the mobile phone.  But there is a migration of viewership many have not predicted or may even be noticing.  The proliferation of the smart television in most living rooms has splintered digital content producers platforms away from the mobile device and on to television screens across America.

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Don't Let Your Mobile Marketing Strategies Get Caught In The Dust

On January 04, 2017

/ mobile marketing /

Marketing is moving at the speed of light.  As Albert Einstein so eloquently stated, “To keep your balance, you must keep moving”...

A recent ComScore Report detailed that over 60% of all internet traffic in the United States is on a mobile device, up almost 50% from last year. 

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7 Ways to Increase Web Traffic and Conversions with SEO

On December 01, 2016

/ SEO, / Web Traffic, / Conversions /


Spending time on your site’s SEO optimization is always time well spent. Search Engine Optimization may change and evolve, but it will still be one of the most effective online marketing strategies that businesses can implement to achieve their goals such as generating more relevant traffic, attracting potential customers, increasing sales, and maintaining customer loyalty. Below are 7 ways to increase web traffic and conversions with SEO.

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Seven Ways Data Driven Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

On November 22, 2016


The most successful marketers define their customers wants and needs and clearly craft a message on how they can satiate these demands.  In 2016, data is the key to making this process more accurate and effective and help you increase sales. 

Data driven marketing can increase customer loyalty, sales, referrals and create brand ambassadors.  Here are 7 ways Data Driven Marketing Can Increase Your Sales.

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